Monday, April 22


dieses geschäft ist zuverlässig und bietet spitz service qualität auch - liegt neben Prater und Kanal, also einfach erreichbar. der chef und arbeiter sind ungarisch, beide sprechen deutsch und englisch gut genug.

Thursday, April 18

krems donaufestival

zufällig habe ich die seite gefunden und sieht aus am erste wochenende im mai werde ich nach Krems für einen angenehmen samstag fahren. nie glaubte ich biosphere zu live hören, spannend!


there are many friseur shops around town, however as a lokalpatriot of second district my bet is on musek&musek. not as cheap as low-end hairfair, of course their staff is much more friendly and skilled.

mit offenen fenster

bizony tegnap este már nyitott ablaknál időztem otthon. beszűrődött a parki zsivaly: immár este 9ig nyitva a kert, így kőkemény focimeccsel ünnepeltek a kissrácok a fasor árnyékában. sosem tudok betelni, mennyire jó helyen lakom.

schallplatten '12: a premonition

probably there is no dreadful tragedy for a band than losing a member. deftones recorded two lps since grounder/bassist Chi fell to coma and passed last week. as commonly known, their common effort, called eros put on shelf since. although it would be far guessing when eros could finally revealed for public, deftones climbs up higher and higher since this tragic event occured. looks like they learnt badly nothing stays the same. this inner drive could composed another masterpiece under japanese title down on the farm.
although their previous melodic records were excellent, many still missed that raw, organic edge last featured on their breakthrough white pony. well, the long wait is surely over. koi no yokan is at least that powerful, as those early records were. after almost 20 years in the business to show such eager will to construct new and interesting stuff - well, deftones earned my respect in every second of this record. have to add, their previous effort, diamond eyes was also a winner in my eyes. however this time their recipe is certainly different: instead of smart composition - which is in their veins since born - these new tracks are bold versions of a young, starting band's sketches. they managed well sticking to their instincts and first ideas, while added some spice here and there. overall koi no yokan is another adventure in deftones world: flirting with hiphop, master riff techniques with Stephen and Abe, Frank and Sergio following, while Chino is undoubtly a perfect singer by now. his experiments of their earlier years turned into unusual yet catchy tunes. as a whole, deftones rocks - a must for any newbie to the harder edge of contemporary music.

Tuesday, April 9

wo können wir rocken?

when you visit a city it is always good to know where you can hang out for a gig or just take a few biers with friends. so here is a list now where to go out, which venue to look for if you are into: metal

arena is probably the best venue in town for gigs, either in the hall, open air, or small stages. perfect sound, perfect bands from various styles.
szene is also outskirts, a smaller venue than arena, for gigs with less audience, for mainstream rock/metal
escape metalcorner indeed a filthy pub with mainly underground heroes of town, mostly in black/thrash/death vein
viper room is a similar size of venue, though any styles are welcomed from light rock to heaviest metal
replugged is another rock venue for local or small bands
tunnel is an open bar for any rock/blues band and even open for jamming, quite an oldstyle bar

however, there are times when an acoustic band or an experimental group fits better - check out rhiz
in case you need only few biers and no gigs, look for the Philosoph pub right in front of St.Rupertskirche

Saturday, April 6


mert ilyen főbérlőim vannak ám, bizony: magyarul köszöntenek húsvétkor

planet hoth


igen tanulságos adatokkal szolgál a 2011-es népszámlálás eredménye. továbbra is megdöbbentő, mennyire nem beszélnek idegen nyelveket számosak. a vallási, felekezeti visszaesés pedig nem csoda, csak a folyamat gyorsul.

Wednesday, April 3

home recording tanácsok

Töfi nagyon hasznos, könnyen érthető és földhöz ragadt tanácsokat írt minden otthon ügyködő kóklernek, mint amilyen magam is lennék, ha végre leülnék zenélni huzamosan és rendszeresen ismét.

ted: 100 websites you should visit

a useful list of the most advised 100 websites to visit by ted

felesleges bejelentés

ahogy kiderült, egy hónapja már megszűnt az állampolgári kötelezettség az ideiglenes külföldi tartózkodás bejelentéséről. ugyan a szabályozás alapján egyedi elbírálás alapján a hatóság büntetést szabhat ki minden elmaradt bejelentésért - valahogy ezt vártam is, nem lep meg - fogalmam sincs, miképp járnak majd el jövőre személyim esedékes cseréjénél. ugyanis a belvárosi önkormányzatban hónapokra előre kell foglalni időpontot bármilyen bejelentéshez. nem tévedés: ez a 21.század magyarországa.

Monday, April 1


sose gondoltam volna, hogy 2,5 nap után síelni fogok kék pályán, sérülés nélkül, jóleső fáradtsággal irány bécs ;)