Sunday, February 28

szabad európa rádió

belevágtam eme műsor részvételébe is, mert jó ötletnek tűnt. pláne, hogy pont egy testhezálló és általam is kedvelt, figyelt témánál csatlakozhattam. elérhető, mint itunes podcast (csak a bejegyzés címét másold be az itunes storeban) - tessék feliratkozni és csak jönnek majd a következő adások! ráadásul vasárnap reggelenként

Saturday, February 27

enter modef

a fantastic day for modef!
getting our new loopers - thanks, tc electronic for ditto x4! - working we soon realized our audio setup is way more powerful than the two of us are. now it is high time to work on the looping phrases, cause these damn machines are capable of even more.

modef is a brand new duo of
novacz on akai ewi, korg wavedrum
adamskij on e-violin & fx
playing live using loopers

Thursday, February 25

augartens flaktürme

although the two towers seemingly closed even with fence and no doors left, there are plans how to use the Flaktürme in the future: going to be refurbished to hold servers and function as databank centres. pretty interesting and makes sense!


not a huge surprise there is an instrument manufacturer, focusing on violins and baroque string instruments nearby. and the other guy renting this place crafts ukuleles!

Wednesday, February 24


and that's my neighbourhood. pretty wild and bizarre, like the city itself.


definitely my favourite metal band these years: oranssi pazuzu hailing from finland and going for a short european tour (suomi weird spring pt.1) in march - a shame they do not pay a visit to W or BP. however, pretty much trying to catch them (unfortunately 12th can not make it, modef needing a flash movement) in a closer venue.

Tuesday, February 23

asylhilfe // musikschule!

this is Hussein. he is strandled with his family through many countries and the aegean sea right to Krankenhaus Hietzing, Wien. as you see, a violin to practice with keep his attention after painting a skull of death onto his face. sloth is an enemy and on the long term apathy kills.

started a voluntary work to keep with refugees and offer my free time to try out and play violins and my brand new theremin. a green ukulele is already at one of the kids, a perfect new owner to keep his attention and imagination alive while nothing happens. nothing ever happens.
looking for a musical school anywhere in town where a few talented kids could start to expert their innermost.

if you know a possible contact, please share - many thanks!

wien im leiwanden status

mercer still thinks Wien is the most liveable city on our planet Earth, for the eighth time and seventh in a row. what a massive wow!

g-litter, a mesmerizer

disbanded in 2007, this finnish group has almost no presence on the interwebs. wanna get some of their records - for example: highway - please shout if you had!

thanks to the estonian kohviradio ;)

fuck yes or no.

brilliant article about starting relationships by Mark Manson.

this time for changing flight regulations in fair of musicians and their instruments

Wednesday, February 17

tűz van, babám!

az a helyzet, kurvára pártállam van (mármint mo.-on) és amennyire gyerekként emlékszem, a 87-88kori Mo. szabadabb, tisztább és átláthatóbb volt a mostaninál. és most hogy ezt leírom, még elkeserítőbb ez az egész. nincs már kedvem mo.-hoz, borzalmas egy hellyé vált.

update: 23.02.2016 6:00
és mostantól nyíltan diktatúráról beszélhetünk. gondolatrendőrség, alkotmányos jogaid korlátozása, erőszakkal félemlítés, bármi. vagyis az orosz módi, pont mint '89 október 23-a előtt szokásban volt. magyar köztársaság, demokrácia, szép álom voltál, szevasz!

Tuesday, February 9


now even on - support artists directly!

Sunday, February 7

sons of kemet

these guys are just brilliant, playing a minimalistic form of classic bebop jazz. why do we need guitars anyway?