Saturday, July 26

solo traveler

need to finalize my holidays this year, cause even if i pass the maximum 15days to next year, still need to get out 18 by the end of this one. therefore this blog just came across and how fortunate it did. solo traveler for single voyeurs.

elektro guzzi

fool of me how i missed this band, though have heard about them about in 2009. born wienerisch trio elektro guzzi plays techno on real instruments, using standard effect pedals and no further sampling or overdubbing. another proof how twisted people are in this city. just about to enjoy even more and further.

and their recent record, observatory sound like this:

Thursday, July 24


habe gefunden dieses Geschäft in der nähe, an der anderer Seite von Augarten in der Leopoldsgasse: das taschenfahrrad
im Geschäft habe ich die paripa Fahrräder gesehen - und die kommen direkt aus Berlin. ein paripa aus berlin, das ist ein Wurscht!! und die Rahmen sind von einem alten französischen Manufaktur verkauft. mann, echt teuer aber ich habe meinen neuen Rad gefunden ;)
alltäglich fahre weiter mit den citybikes.


Trek 7300 (model 2011)
frame serial nr:

anyone, anywhere – if you happen to spot this bike, please immediately inform me, thanks!
bitte gib mir bescheid sofort wenn du diesen rad siehst, vielen dank!
kérlek, azonnal értesíts, ha meglátod ezt a bicajt, kösz szépen!

in motion #3

Ákos, kösszép a kölcsön bicajt! (nem tudom eléggé)
igyekszem nem elveszteni és épségben visszaadni az új paripa érkeztéig

Ákos, many thanks for the bike you gave me til my new paripa comes!

Wednesday, July 23

the red in the sky is ours


das taschenfahrrad - ideales Geschäft für Mädls, erwachsenen Pubs und Kinder. Herr Pöllhuber montiert selbst alle Räder.

boten-stoff - rennräder und singlespeed manufaktur

noch weitere shops:
goodnight magazin

nur Bestellung & only delivery:

37 sekunden

so what to do in case someone steals your bike in Wien or in Austria?
immediately fill out & send an online inquiry to your local police bureau.

though there are many things you could do beforehand (where else to think and act before, than austria anyway?):
- get your online e-signatur or cellphone signature through the post
- scan your original bill & warranty and also make a few copies just in case
- register your bike frame id number in the wiener databank (called: Fahrradregistrierung)
- make many photos of your bike with you standing by
- extend your Haushaltsversicherung with Fahrradsversicherung
- if your bike is expensive enough (over €2000) think about implementing a spybike device and get the necessary apps to your phone & tablet

and keep your bike locked or park it in your own flat. sadly no rides kept in gardens are safe in Wien.

a világ legbrutálisabb lemeze

ugyan a bemutatkozás is merész volt, ám a folytatás minden várakozást felülmúl.

wiener & austrian apps

here is another list of useful apps for Wien&Umgebung. although these point at the itunes store, almost every app has its android counterpart as well.

AnachB - and you will forget qando forever. this app calculates with bike roads and city bikes as well

bikar - if you are using the wiener city bike system, this app is your new bible

Freewave - free hotspots in town - mobile app for the well-known austrian ebay site, if you willhaben

Post - official app of the austrian post, office finder, follow your package, etc.

Apotheken - apothekes, so drug shops in town, also during weekends

Öffnungszeiten - cause austria is a land of strict opening hours - layar app specialized for wien, shows all shops, restaurants, hotels, services, etc. around your current position

Gelbe Seiten - yellow pages for austria

Gelbe Seiten Notfall - whom to call in case of emergency situations?

Waze - gps drivers navi combined with social media, so the app shows and calculates ways using realtime data of other further users also on the road

Spritpreise - where to get the cheapest fuel?

Unterwegs - prompt motorway news directly from asfinag

ÖBB Tickets - railway assistant and online ticket office. note: do not buy any online tickets to budapest or bratislava! keep paper tickets for your eastern destinations

Westbahn - similar app for the private railway service company between Wien and Salzburg, towards Munich

Wandermap - touring and mountaneering assistant app with pathfinder

Touren - same touring and skiing guide for Zell am See / Kaprun region

Taxi 40100 - who uses taxi in Wien anyway?

Wien isst - cuisinie and restaurant guide

Vivino - direct your iphone at a wine bottle and it shows all product info available

Weinkaufen im Supermarkt - the name tells it all. spar gourmet or interspar shops offer a vast selection of wines

Niederoesterreich - regional tourist app

iAustria - tourist guide for austria

Radio Austria - radio stations over the land - dictionary app, with local austrian vocabulary included

cyclers detox

there is another perfect law in hungary which declares: although there is a strict zero tolerance limit towards car drivers taking alcohol, this limit is now lifted off for bike riders. most intriguing, that it is up to each and every biker to decide, if they would be able to ride at all. kinda bringing circus to the cheering crowd and allowing further spread and fruitition of alcoholism – already a top3 cause of death in this country – across wasted regions and counties. drink&ride, pay large fines, while shouting out loud how fortunate citizen you are. enjoy, what you are allowed to and keep your mouth shut: and democracy is coming to eastern europe.

in my opinion – as a biker who sometimes drinks spritzer – it is high time to detox and first check your brain.

apphaven: ö.post

bitte das neue app von der post sofort unterladen und nutzen - paketverfolgung, filialenfinder durch gps, Öffnungszeiten, usw.

the morning after

an album to turn 25 this year and still able to amaze any listener. air guitar mode on \m/

Friday, July 4

flyger till arlanda!

förlåt mig, kunne inte skriva inläggen i sista veckor. det sista tiden var för mig väldigt konstigt och livfullt.

tyvärr mina praktiska cykeln stjälas i 37 sekunder från husets gården. fick dich, shithead! men nya cykeln ska komma till mig plötsligt.

just nu flyger jag till sverige och vi åker till geiranger fjorden i norge, en roadtrip jättekul: padlógázzal a pokolba!!\m/!