Tuesday, June 10


one of the most intriguing and cumbersome social problem nowadays are the highly active radical muslim groups in Wien and Graz. after parents and friends get a message of young teenage girls and boys leaving for Syria to fight the holy war, a few weeks or months later death certificates arrive (if any). another sign how dangerous is to be born in closed migrated groups (especially between religious muslim turks and bosnians) cause youngsters could not handle the huge cultural and social habit difference between the old family tradition and the overall - in this case more liberal and secular - society. all they need is someone to listen to who could show them a goal in life - their own. not the first time an imam got arrested due to war speech, recruiting and sending children to certain death and probably not the last.
however, the real threat i see are the ones who might return after this pointless syrian civil war will ever end. who knows what they have been brought and taught over there?

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