Tuesday, September 9

weinwanderung: 27-28.09

mit neuer Route: featuring Ottakring nach Dornbach!

weinwanderung is a must for anyone happening to find her/himself in wien in this particular weekend. out of the 2 days, i'd say the most traditional one (Neuwaldegg nach Kahlenberg/Nussdorf) is the most popular, therefore the least heartwhelming and friendly. so i do strike for the suburban and trans-danube Strebersdorf nach Stammersdorf with their roasted fish spots next to cellars, then the brand new Ottakring nach Dornbach, which probably features new, less-known cellars and routes.

zwischenzeit habe gefunden Weinakademie Österreich in Krems. bin ganz sicher, dass diese Ausbildung später würde gern folgen.

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