Friday, June 3

a brief guide to plan your trip to Japan

- plan your trip ahead, use tripcase
- get a few ideas through odigo
- check out tripadvisor for more info
- check timetables and ticket prices through hyperdia
- book your stays ahead: most of the lodging you could still cancel for free on the same day
- get your japan railpass in time through a local travel agency. in case Wien: ruefa bahn next to Oper could issue jrpass voucher in a day
- get a rent mobile at the airport you arrive to Japan due to the high roaming fees
- in Tokyo check out Ueno and Taito district with its street market: Yanaka Ginza
- Kyoto does worth 2 days (preferrably on bike) and Nara half a day
- Miyajima island worth a visit and Naoshima even more
- japanese cities do have a buzz, however the countryside is much more interesting and offer splendid views. just cut your ties to civilization for a few days. here is my list for an uncertain future visit, things that i could not squeeze into my trip this time:
-- Shikoku and a pilgrim trail through the island
-- Kyushu island
-- Japanese Alps & Kamikochi
-- northern Honshu or even Hokkaido

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