Monday, October 20


yesterday i felt kinda knocked out. had a plan for a last longer cycling route, nevertheless kamptal weather forecast showed 13degrees and heavy fog - so much for this tour i guess for this year. was appreciating saturdays climb up to kahlenberg with my new companion, nightblue paripa, even more. and i felt the need for sleep with a solid tiredness overall in my head. after a pair sparkling glasses of rosé wine laid me down and lied in the last rays of autumn sun. it was peaceful waking, still saw the sundown. had no desire to leave, therefore read a few blogs and news.

however, i do feel the urge to act again. feels like i'm burning my candles too soon and do less to step forward. felt really angry upon myself. definitely need more focus and hope with this endeavour manage to stick my feet steadily in the ground and call this place home. finally.

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